Here’s How To Plan New-Born Baby Photography Safely!


Every moment spent with your newborn baby is something to cherish forever. When you see them sleep in adorable poses, haven’t you felt the need to capture those moments forever? Pregnancy and newborn photography have gained so much of popularity recently. Maternity photography Perth has some excellent photos in their gallery. Have a look at them for excellent photography ideas!

If you look at sites like, you can see that professional photos have a touch of perfection. While coming to the pictures of newborns, perfection comes only with proper planning. The safety of the newborns is also equally important during photo shoots. Here are some instructions to help you plan a photo shoot rightly.

Age is vital
Age is an important factor which decides in what poses the baby can be photographed comfortably. Experts say that photographing newborns under two weeks of age has got certain advantages. They sleep for longer hours, and it is easier to pose them in curled up poses. They also do not mind being unclothed as long as they are kept warm enough.

If you have the plan to get a newborn photo shoot done, the date must be well planned beforehand. The feeding schedule should also be planned rightly. If the baby is hungry and hasn’t had enough milk, he/she would be restless and may not cooperate. When you plan the photo shoot before two weeks of age, you are more likely to get sleeping pictures because that is the time when your baby sleeps the most. But after two weeks, they would be more awake and sociable. So, plan it according to the type of photos you would like to have.

Safety tips!
Photos with the baby curled up in baskets, bean bags, etc. are very cute to watch. There are different handheld poses also when shot perfectly would be brilliant to look at. Whatever is the pose, make sure that the baby’s safety is not compromised at any stage. Reflex actions of babies are so quick, and they may instantly roll or pounce. So, the baby should never be unattended. There should be somebody very close to the baby to act promptly in case of any risks.

If you feel that your baby is not comfortable in a pose, ask the photographer to change that pose. Never force a pose on your baby. An excellent professional photographer would do this without being told. He would also never touch your baby with dirty hands. If your baby is unclothed, then double check and ensure that he/she is not feeling cold. Provide the necessary warmth immediately if required. Same is the case with being hot as well. If you find the baby sweating, then regulate the heat accordingly. Never put the heater very close to the babies.

So, do proper research and find a photographer who can capture the best moments of your little one. Plan the photo shoot, be extra careful about the safety instructions and go ahead. Do not hesitate for a second session if the first one does not turn out well!